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By invitation I share my vision on the connection between the energetic worlds and our Earthly existence  in lectures for small or large groups. Through my years of experiences at the intersection of the energetic realms and personal development, I have developed a broad perspective. A lecture is structured in consultation with the client and can cover one or more of the following topics.

* The order of the Universe

This domain is about the creation mechanism of the nine dimensions, the universal laws and the sacred geometry that in their coherence underlie manifestation; about the dual, non-dual and creating domains; and about the multidimensional self, the soul, the soul plan and the Akashic Records.

* Multidimensionaal consciousness and personal healing

This domain concerns the various energetic structures behind the incarnation process, the difference between developmental problems and trauma, the process of healing in relation to the four levels of humanity (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and the operation and demarcation of multidimensional techniques within the range. of therapies.

* The energetic worlds surrounding us and common fields

The magnitude of Creation is beyond our imagination. This domain discusses the division into three global domains, the fields of dual manifestation, the fields of non-dual manifestation, the creating fields; and provides an overview of common fields such as past, parallel and future lives, collective fields, Inner Earth, Artificial Intelligence, alien peoples, abduction, portals and magician fields.

* Skills for moving between the energetic realms and Earthly life

This domain covers, among other things, grounding, alignment and self-regulation; defense mechanisms and the healing response; extrasensory perception; systemic interventions; healing techniques; reading signals, dealing with sabotage and lashback; and take care of your own well-being.


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